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The Multiple Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Jun 01, 2023
Garcia Centers Performing Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Shaving, waxing and using hair removal creams may be temporary solutions to unwanted body hair. Find out how laser hair removal with Diolaze can help you reduce or even permanently get rid of unwanted body hair today!

Body hair often sneaks up on us, growing in undesirable places that make us more conscious of our physical appearance. Women and men alike spend hours shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams to get rid of unwanted hair.

However, if you are looking for a better and more permanent method of hair removal, laser hair removal is the way to go.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Gone are the days when the only hair removal methods were frustrating and time-consuming. Conventional methods can remove hair effectively, but the results are temporary. Hair grows back quickly, and often, more densely. Using laser technology for hair removal is more efficient and delivers long-term solutions.

The global laser hair removal industry size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4% from 2022 to 2030. As more women (and men) are tending to their aesthetics, hair removal solutions such as laser therapy are increasing in demand. Additionally, fast-paced technology advancements and increasing awareness of safety are fueling the growth of the industry.

Here are 5 reasons why laser hair removal is considered the best and most effective technique, today.


  1. High Levels of Precision

 One of the best things about laser treatment is it can be efficiently used to target coarse and stubborn hair, without damaging the surrounding skin. High levels of precision ensure long-lasting results. Unlike shaving, hair takes weeks or even months to grow back from laser therapy. Even if it reappears, the hair comes back sparse and thinner than before.

And in no time, you will find yourself practically hairless! But how does this happen? Is it some kind of magic?

First, we have to understand how the laser hair removal process works. A certified and experienced technician will target the laser light onto the area of unwanted hair. The device emits pulses of high-frequency laser light that precisely attack the hair follicles in their growth phase. This damages the hair follicle and prevents it from growing back.

High levels of precision make laser technology an excellent option for removing hair from small areas, such as around your eyebrows, hairline, upper lips, bikini line, or nose.


  1. Helps Prevent Ingrown Hair

Shaving, waxing, and even epilating can cause ingrown hairs. Thankfully, with laser treatment, you can bid ingrown hair adieu. Since the technique helps remove the hair from the follicle, it prevents ingrown hair.

DiolazeXL is an advanced solution that uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair deep from its root. While you need to shave or wax frequently, this laser hair removal technique works by eliminating or permanently reducing hair growth. It is an FDA-approved, safe treatment procedure that can help eliminate unsightly hair, reduce ingrown hairs, and ensure the smooth skin you desire.   


  1. Makes Your Skin Softer

Have you ever run your hands through freshly shaven parts of your body only to find they appear prickly? After a few treatments of DiolazeXL laser hair removal, there will be a few stray hairs left behind. This treatment ensures that any hair regrowth will be sparse and light. Hence, you need not worry about thick, coarse hair that can make your skin feel rough.


  1. Get Long-Lasting Results

 Did you know that most people undergoing a laser hair removal treatment have reported a 90% reduction in hair growth permanently?

Initially, you might need to be patient as it takes around 6-12 sessions to show effective and permanent results. Additionally, results will vary depending on the type of hair and stages of growth. However, your patience pays off. Many people see long-lasting, permanent results. In certain cases, you might need a touch-up and it would remain the same for years down the line.    


  1. Efficiency Combined with Speed

It takes just a fraction of a second for each pulse of the laser to treat several hairs simultaneously. In each second, it can precisely treat an area the size of a quarter. So, you can imagine the time it would take to remove hair from smaller areas such as around the eyebrows or upper lips! Less than a minute!

It may take up to an hour for larger areas such as the legs or the back.


The Final Words

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and get silky, smooth skin with laser hair removal. Go for advanced technologies such as DioLaze XL and experience what makes laser treatments stand out in comparison to traditional hair removal methods.