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The 6 Best Tips For Losing Weight After 40

Nov 29, 2017
The 6 Best Tips For Losing Weight After 40
Losing excess weight after you turn 40 can be difficult due to a slowed metabolism and loss of muscle — meaning you may have to work harder at losing weight than those who are younger...

Losing excess weight after you turn 40 can be difficult due to a slowed metabolism and loss of muscle — meaning you may have to work harder at losing weight than those who are younger. But a series of simple hacks can boost your weight-loss efforts and help you slim down without your having to modify your fitness routine.

Are you over the age of 40 and working toward losing weight? Follow these six weight-loss tips for people over 40 that will help you achieve your goal weight more quickly.

1. Drink more water

Cravings for sweets and junk foods are a common symptom of dehydration due to the way this condition makes it difficult for the body to break down glycogen and produce energy. If you’re feeling hungry for junk foods, it’s highly possible you’re suffering from dehydration and need water. Make a conscious effort to drink more water throughout the day, and lower your intake of caffeinated beverages like coffees, teas, and sodas to reduce the risk of dehydration.

2. Use photos of yourself for motivation

Set aside photos of yourself that were taken before you began your weight-loss journey, and use them for motivation or as visual aides that can help you track your results. You can even take before-and-after photos of yourself wearing the same clothing to view just how far you’ve come. Stick to using photos that were taken by someone else and that show off your full body, versus selfies taken at various angles that may be less accurate at portraying your true size.

3. Share your weight-loss goals with close friends and family

Announcing your desire to lose weight can help you stay accountable, since friends and family may hold you to your goals. These individuals may even end up becoming the best support team you’ve ever had. Limit sharing your goals with those you trust, and who you know will be supportive and encouraging of your weight-loss journey.

4. Cook from scratch

Get into the habit of cooking from scratch using whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and a combination of herbs and spices — all of which are loaded with nutrients that promote weight loss. For instance, cook up stir-fry meals using ingredients like rice, peppers, chicken, ginger, and garlic, or throw a combination of vegetables and spices into the slow cooker for a healthy stew. Cooking from scratch keeps you away from processed foods high in fat, sodium, and artificial ingredients.

5. Remove all tempting goodies from your home

If your favorite treats and goodies are lying around, chances are you’ll eventually eat them at times of stress or boredom. Keep all food temptations out of the house, and consider treating yourself to your favorite goodies once a week outside of the home. If you live with other people who enjoy sweets, encourage them to buy other favorites that you dislike, or to keep their food somewhere you won’t see it.

6. Cut out activities that drain your energy levels

At some point, everyone has said yes to one too many work projects or taken on more responsibility they can handle. Stress is a common contributor to weight gain, which is why eliminating stressors from your life can help with weight loss. Evaluate your lifestyle and work habits to identify which commitments and activities are draining your energy and creating undue stress, then work on eliminating those particular stressors from your life.

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