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Skincare 101: What Order Should I Layer My Skincare Routine?

Jun 27, 2023
Skincare Basics Woman Washing Face
Get the most out of your skincare routine and find out which products should come first. Learn the basics of layering your skincare products with our helpful guide!

This isn’t rare: The expensive face serum that you indulge in every day might not provide visible results simply because you are not layering it right. Knowing “When,” “How,” and “In What Order” you should follow your skincare regime can make a big difference for your skin.

If you do not follow the right order, it might compromise the effectiveness of your routine. It doesn’t make sense to buy high-quality, premium-range skincare products, but not use them the right way. So, layering is important.           


Why does applying your skincare products in a certain order matter?

Various skincare products that you use work in layers. They have different consistencies, functions, and absorption levels. And therefore, following the right order for layering skincare products is important. Unless you follow the proper order, your skin might not receive the full benefits of your skincare regime.


Layering Your Skincare: The Basics


  • The time-of-day matters

In addition to following the right order, it is also crucial to keep time in mind. Skincare products that have especially been formulated for use in the daytime may not deliver proven results at night. Furthermore, there is a different routine to follow during the day and at night. For instance, ideally, we exfoliate at night and not in the daytime.


  • Give your skin the time to absorb

You should also consider how much time a product takes to get absorbed into your skin. However, since we are always rushing, dermatologists suggest keeping the skincare regime simple. It is okay if you allow at least 1 minute for each product to settle in.


  • Use products that match your skin type

One of the most important elements of skincare basics is to choose the right kind of products. In determining where a product fits into your routine, remember that you may not require every one of them. A beauty regime (and products) that work amazing for your friend may not be appropriate for your skin.      

So, when considering the proper order of layering your skincare products, keep your skin type in mind. Some experts suggest that it isn’t necessary to follow too many steps to accomplish an effective skincare routine. The idea is to find the right skincare products that are good for your skin and cut out the non-essentials.          


Mornings Be Like…

The morning skincare regimen is all about protecting your skin from the sun and pollution and keeping it well-hydrated. So, keep all your skin treatment products and peel pads for the night.


  1. Cleanser

 Start your day by washing your face using a mild cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Pick a sulfate-free product that deeply cleanses your pores and makes you feel fresh.


  1. Apply a Toner

 For many, toner is an optional step in the skincare routine. However, the benefits of toner to your skin are numerous. Always apply it to a clean face and allow it to settle a bit because it will act as a sort of primer for the next few steps.


  1. Get the Right Serum

A serum does a lot of legwork to ensure healthy and radiant skin. Therefore, spend time picking the right one. Typically, an antioxidant serum with Vitamin C can prevent sun damage and protect the skin from pollution, hyperpigmentation, and aging.


  1. Moisturize and Apply a Sunscreen

Use a mild, hydrating moisturizer for your daily skincare regime followed by your favorite sunscreen. However, if your sunscreen is already moisturizer-based, you can skip the above step. Use a gel-based sunscreen for oily and sensitive skin. Buy a good sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

If required, you can apply an eye cream before getting on with your daily makeup regime.


Let Your Skin Repair at Night

 Here is an ideal skincare routine at nighttime:


  1. Cleansing is a must

Use a good makeup remover before you thoroughly cleanse your face. This step is crucial to get rid of your makeup, dirt, oil, and grime.


  1. Apply toner or skin essences

Use a toner or you can also give your skin a boost with a wide range of products like essences, hydrating serums, beauty waters, or mists. The purpose is to nourish your skin and keep it hydrated.


  1. Time for some skin treatment

If you follow any targeted skincare treatment, this is the time. Serums, exfoliators, anti-aging treatments – it may all go in the nighttime.


  1. Apply a night cream

 Do not apply the moisturizer or cream that you use in the daytime. Pick a dedicated night cream that repairs, restores, and regenerates your skin cells as you sleep. Bonus points for applying eye cream!


Still not sure how to order your skincare regime for effective results? Consult a skin expert who can devise the right routine based on your skin type and needs.