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Facts about hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

In Health and Wellness, Hormone Replacement Therapy by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC November 28th, 2018

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been the topic of numerous conflicting reports over the past few decades. Some clinical trials suggest that HRT poses an increased risk of certain health conditions, while other studies demonstrate this therapy’s effectiveness in relieving symptoms associated with menopause and reducing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease. If you’re considering hormone replacement therapy, it’s important to understand the facts so that you can make an informed …

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Do vitamin B12 injections help with weight loss?

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC November 5th, 2018

Adequate levels of vitamins and nutrients are important for keeping all systems in your body functioning properly — including functions related to weight and metabolism. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, plays a vital role in many of these processes. Vitamin B12 helps boost your metabolism, improves oxygenation, increases energy, and is often included in many comprehensive weight-loss and wellness programs. What is vitamin B12? B12 is one of the eight B vitamins that help …

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5 foods that are bad for your skin

In Aesthetics, Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC October 31st, 2018

Your skin is your largest organ and is intricately connected with the other systems in the body. This means that something that is good for your body is usually also good for your skin, such as getting enough sleep. Things that are bad for your body, such as chronic high stress levels, are also bad for your skin. But even if you you’re making an effort to live a healthy life, you may be aggravating …

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12 stress relief tips for a happy holiday season

In Health and Wellness by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC December 18th, 2018

Do you dread the holiday season because of the amount of stress it causes? Studies show that the holidays increase stress levels for many people, especially when it comes to demands on their time and financial difficulties. You can’t avoid the holidays, but you can take some simple stress-relief steps to minimize stress and make it to January without sacrificing your mental well-being. Here’s how: 1. Forget perfection Whether it’s your holiday party, your big …

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7 healthy food swaps to try this holiday season

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC December 18th, 2018

For many, the holidays are rich with memories of indulgent food and drinks that feel as comforting as a warm fire. This often means we abandon our healthy eating goals for the sake of enjoying these once-a-year treats that we feel we must have. But, there’s a way you can keep that holiday spirit alive and enjoy your favorite culinary traditions without totally wrecking your healthy eating goals this year. Use these healthy food swaps …

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Stress, hormones, and low sex drive

In Health and Wellness by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC October 31st, 2018

Sex has been shown to promote health benefits: it’s good for your heart, improves sleep, releases feel-good endorphins, and provides feelings of pleasure. But at certain points in your life, you may notice that your sex drive just isn’t what it used to be. When a person has a low sex drive, they may experience problems in their relationship with their partner. A lack of intimacy can lead to physical and emotional drawbacks as well. …

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Cycle syncing: Should your diet change according to your menstrual cycle?

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC December 18th, 2018

A woman’s body is in a constant state of fluctuation. Until she reaches menopause, a woman experiences regular hormonal ebbs and flows with every menstrual cycle. With an average cycle lasting 25 to 35 days, it’s safe to say that some type of change is almost always occurring in the body as it prepares the egg and uterus for fertilization. These hormonal shifts don’t affect just the reproductive organs, however. Most women will say that …

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Research shows being overweight increases risk for cancer

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC October 31st, 2018

New research shows that maintaining a healthy weight is critical to preventing cancer in women. Two new studies report that being overweight increases cancer risk, especially for women.  The latest reports are part of growing evidence that suggests a normal body weight is directly tied to a longer lifespan. A recent British study reports that obesity is on track to overtake smoking as the single biggest cause of preventable cancer in British women. A study …

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From the doc: How to take a technology break

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. October 24th, 2018

Our smartphones, tablets, and computers offer a lot of conveniences. We can email, text, and call people from almost anywhere. We can watch any movie we want, anytime. Technology has enabled us to be in constant contact and to be entertained at any moment — but this isn’t always healthy. In fact, technology addiction is a real phenomenon, and it’s interfering with our professional and personal lives. People are texting and driving, risking their own …

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From the doc: The benefits of fasting

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. October 10th, 2018

Have you ever tried fasting? Intermittent fasting is a hot topic in the weight-loss and wellness communities, but it’s not without controversy. Some medical professionals warn that fasting diets are nothing but a dangerous trend, but the benefits of fasting have been extensively studied and are well documented. Before starting any type of fasting diets, make sure you understand how to do so safely, and get the approval of your doctor. Fasting is nothing new. …