The Vivaliti Difference!


Over the course of a decade, the Garcia Weight Loss team realized that one-size-fits-all weight loss is not effective. The team developed a weight loss program, Vivaliti, which is completely customized using each person’s unique data. Our Vivaliti Weight Loss program features personal plans and real results.


Our Approach

Meet Vivaliti, the first weight loss program that is completely unique to each patient. This means that two people who might look the same on the outside would have different plans designed based on their individual characteristics. Vivaliti encompasses a nutritional plan, a portal and app to track your progress, and real-time adjustments based on that progress.


Your nutritional plan will be customized for you based on several pieces of information. The basics such as gender, age, height, and weight are obviously considered. Vivaliti shines here as it also considers factors such as health history, activity level, diet restrictions, among other unique characteristics. Are you a 51 year-old vegetarian diabetic? We’ve got your plan. What about a Mom on the go who is still nursing? You’re covered too. It’s about time that weight-loss programs celebrated the differences in people and used those differences to improve success. Vivaliti does just that.

Ease Into a Healthy Lifestyle

Vivaliti Weight Loss is more than a meal plan. Real weight loss includes changes to other components of lifestyle.

Activity: As you begin to increase your daily activity level, your metabolism kicks into gear. You may see faster results, reduced stress, and better sleep.

Hydration: Staying hydrated is a key component of losing weight and staying healthy. Vivaliti will identify your optimal fluid intake for ideal hydration.

Supplements: Not all supplements are created equal. Dr Garcia has identified key supplements that ideally compliment patients seeking weight loss.

3-Phase Program

Vivaliti is a 3-phase metabolic program that moves you through weight loss and into long term wellness.

Adjustment is where you will eat the right foods to help balance your digestion and maximize your metabolism. Adjustment focuses on the proper hormonal balance for fat elimination and weight loss.

Conversion focuses on continuing to balance your hormones to control your metabolism and support your weight loss. You will also be introduced to the principles of maintaining your weight loss.

Maintenance For Life is where you will learn to activate your knowledge and our Vivaliti program for long-term weight loss success. You aren’t alone, we will continue to educate and support you to ensure your optimal health for the long-term.

Technology and Success

Productive feedback, accountability, and convenience are critical elements for weight loss success. The MyVivaliti portal and iOS app are designed to provide all three. With a beautiful, user-friendly interface, patients can log their meals, activities, supplements, and hydration as well as less obvious (but still vitally important) things like stress, hunger, and sleep. Studies have shown that accountability is hugely important when trying to lose weight. Vivaliti offers varying degrees of accountability through the portal and app, and for some, even quick weekly appointments.

The Vivaliti program was designed to be a dynamic partner for weight loss. That means it’s a smart system that can adapt and change as you do. Maybe you hit the gym hard this week, Vivaliti can adjust your nutritional plan for that. Or we’ve all heard of that dreaded weight loss plateau, Vivaliti can help bust right through it. Our lifestyles these days do not stand still, neither should your weight loss program. Vivaliti supports you through a personalized plan, ongoing accountability, and real-time adjustments.