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VIVALITI DNA: The best wellness science available!


How does Vivaliti DNA work?

We are truly amazed at the insight the Vivaliti DNA test has given us into our clients’ healthcare needs. With the information provided by the test, we are able to develop an individualized, data-driven plan of action for each person. With guidance from our counselors, you will be able to modify the physical behaviors that can create real change and make informed decisions regarding your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle. 

We look forward to working with you to help you build your personalized DNA-based weight loss and optimum health plan. – The Garcia Weight Loss team

Not everyone responds to food, exercise, and vitamins the same way. What works for someone else with the same fitness goals and body type may not work for you. As a result, most people are forced to adopt a trial-and-error approach to their health, leading to wasted time and money, along with feelings of frustration and guilt.

Vivaliti DNA tests 80 different genetic markers — up to 10 times more than other DNA fitness tests — in order to determine exactly how your body works. Armed with this information, we are able to develop a comprehensive health plan providing recommendations unique to you:

Nutritional Needs

Find out which vitamins and minerals you should optimize in order to feel your best, which foods provide these essential nutrients, and when you may be in need of nutritional supplements.

Most Beneficial Exercises

Learn which exercises provide the greatest benefit for your body, and determine the ideal combination of endurance training, strength training, and aerobic activity for reaching your health goals.

Eating Behavior Traits

Are you prone to snacking, or do you suffer from a sweet tooth? Learn your unique eating behavior traits and gain strategies for overcoming situations that trigger these unhealthy habits.

Metabolic Health Factors

Learn your unique risk for elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar, and which activities and lifestyle changes to implement in order to lower your risk of chronic disease.

What are your health and fitness goals?


Is your weight a constant struggle? Do you lose weight, only to regain it? You’re not alone! Your ability to lose weight is highly influenced by genetic traits that dictate how you respond to certain foods and exercise. Relying on willpower or the latest “new” diet typically only works for people who are genetically predisposed to respond to those approaches.

Stop using weight-loss plans that weren’t designed for you! Vivaliti DNA takes the guesswork out of weight loss and gives you a personalized blueprint to help you lose the weight and keep it off. Learn how Vivaliti DNA helps with weight loss or schedule your free consultation.

Healthy Aging

The risk of numerous chronic health conditions increases with age. And while many age-related symptoms — including changes to mood, the immune system, metabolism, sleep, and reproductive system ‐ are thought to be unavoidable, research indicates that your individual genetics play a large role in your health as you age.

Vivaliti DNA analyzes the genetic traits related to healthy aging, allowing you and your Vivaliti Health Coach to develop a total health blueprint that can keep you looking and feeling younger for years to come. Learn ho Vivaliti DNA can help you stay healthy as you age or schedule your free consultation.

Fitness And Well Being

Do you want to improve your health, but you aren’t sure where to start? Whether your goal is to eat better, work out more, sleep better, prepare for a healthy pregnancy, or simply “get healthy,” we can help you get there.

Our genetic test provides you with a complete picture of your health so that you can learn proven diet and lifestyle modifications that are tailored to your individual genetic makeup. Learn how Vivaliti DNA can help improve your fitness and well-being or schedule your free consultation.

Athletic Performance

You’re driven to be the best. So why use a generic training plan that delivers only marginal gains? Achieving peak performance in your sport requires a fitness program tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Vivaliti DNA tests more genetic markers than any other DNA fitness test, allowing you to focus on the nutrition, activity, and lifestyle changes that unlock your true potential and achieve game-changing results. Learn how Vivaliti DNA can help with athletic performance or schedule your free consultation.

Disease Management

Do you want to take control of your health and reduce your healthcare costs? Managing a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension can be disheartening, inconvenient, and expensive. But you can improve the effectiveness of your treatment by knowing the diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits that work with your unique genetic makeup.

Vivaliti DNA provides you with a complete genetic blueprint, allowing you and your Vivaliti Health Coach to develop an individualized plan to help you prevent and control disease, reduce your healthcare costs, and regain control of your health. Learn how Vivaliti DNA can help with disease management or schedule your free consultation.