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Weird Weight-Loss Tips That Work

Oct 13, 2017
Weird Weight-loss Tips That Work
Sometimes it can be difficult to resist some of these appealing weight-loss methods — especially if you’re aiming for instant results. We’ve gathered some weird weight-loss tips that work...

If you’ve ever set out to lose weight, chances are you’ve tried at least one crazy fad diet or wacky weight-loss product that failed to deliver on its promise. Sometimes it can be difficult to resist some of these appealing weight-loss methods — especially if you’re aiming for instant results. We’ve gathered some weird weight-loss tips that work!

The weight-loss market is flooded with useless products and methods largely ineffective at helping you slim down, and that may even hinder your progress.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise are two of the most important tools in your weight-loss plan, there are a few helpful tricks that may help your results. The following weight-loss tips may seem a bit strange, but scientific evidence shows they really work, and can be highly effective at helping you reach your goal weight!

Use more blue

The color blue functions as an appetite suppressant, while colors like orange, red, and yellow can stimulate your appetite. In fact, many restaurants avoid using blue in their logos and decor, and stick to using warmer colors that trigger hunger. Evidence shows that people who eat on blue plates in rooms with blue decor eat 33 percent less on average, since blue can make food seem less appealing. Surround yourself with more blue — especially in the kitchen and dining room where you eat.

Load up on breakfast

Many Americans tend to eat a light breakfast — or skip breakfast altogether — and consume large, heavy dinners in the evening. This can slow your metabolism and contribute to weight gain, since your body burns fewer calories while you sleep. Instead of eating big dinners every night, make breakfast your largest and most important meal of the day. This will help boost your metabolism and energy levels, and trigger weight loss. Eat a lighter dinner, and don’t snack late into the night.

Sniff apples, bananas, or peppermint

Smelling certain foods can trick your brain into thinking you’re eating and help curb cravings. One study conducted by a taste and smell expert involved having men and women sniff apples, bananas, and peppermint throughout the day. At the end of the study, each of these individuals had lost an average of 30 pounds.

Wear a ribbon

Try wearing a ribbon around your waist and under your clothing to prevent yourself from overeating at meals. When you eat too much, the ribbon becomes tighter and causes discomfort. Many French women say this practice helps them stay conscious of their tummies during meals so they can avoid overindulging.

Take photos of your meals

If you’re currently keeping a food journal, start taking photos of the foods you eat. Snap a photo of every snack and meal you eat throughout the day, then review them at the end of the week, or whenever you feel like indulging. This practice helps you identify certain nutrition mistakes you may still be making in your diet, such as eating too-large portions of dessert or extra helpings of cheese and sour cream.

Only eat wrapped candies

If you’re prone to snacking on candies and desserts, consider stocking up on goodies that come in wrappers. A Swiss study found that people eat 30 percent less candy when they must go through the effort of unwrapping each individual piece.

Eat in front of mirrors

Eating in front of a mirror can make you more conscious about your appearance, and offers the psychological effect of reflecting back your personal health goals. Consider hanging a large mirror opposite where you sit to eat at home, or seat yourself in front of mirrors when going to restaurants and eateries.

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Weird Weight-Loss Tips That Work