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7 Tips For A Healthy Halloween

Oct 23, 2017
7 Tips For A Healthy Halloween
One or two treats may not do much harm on their own, but when you start losing track, small treats here and there can add up, and derail your health goals...

Resisting treats and goodies around Halloween can be tricky when you’ve been managing a healthy eating plan. One or two treats may not do much harm on their own, but when you start losing track, small treats here and there can add up, and derail your health goals. By the end of the year, you may once again find yourself back to making New Year’s resolutions surrounding your food choices.

But what if you could enjoy Halloween and your favorite treats to their fullest this year without affecting your weight-loss progress?

Here are seven tips that can ensure you have a healthy and happy Halloween without going overboard.

1. Choose a form-fitting costume

Plan your Halloween costume well in advance, and choose a form-fitting outfit that reveals your curves and silhouette. Throughout the month of October, make a conscious effort to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals so you can feel more confident in your costume when Halloween finally rolls around. Plus, your costume can serve as the motivation you need to continue working toward weight loss.

2. Deal with the candy stash immediately

If you find yourself facing a huge stash of candy left by partygoers or from your kids’ trick-or-treating adventures, sort through it right away. Separate the candies you wouldn’t normally eat (such as those packed with food coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, and preservatives), from those you can truly benefit from and enjoy, like dark chocolates. Then, either toss or give away the “bad” candies, and store away the good candies so you can savor them gradually over a period of time without bingeing.

3. Plan splurges in advance

If Halloween candies and treats are an unavoidable part of yearly tradition, designate an amount you plan on eating and build “splurge” moments into your schedule. This helps you track the goodies you’re eating while staying in full control. For instance, if you love eating candy corn, allow yourself to enjoy a guilt-free splurge of one cup of candy corn on Halloween.

4. Keep temptation out of the house

If you typically end up snacking on the goodies you buy for trick-or-treaters, go the route of buying non-food items like crayons, toys, and stickers. Or, buy healthier goodies to pass out like small bags of nuts or dried fruit so you can avoid feeling guilty at times you do indulge.

5. Do an early morning workout on Halloween

Since Halloween festivities generally begin in the evening, schedule your workout routine for first thing in the morning. Exercising in the morning provides you with lasting energy throughout the day, and boosts your metabolism to help offset any splurging. Plus, an early-morning workout will influence you to make healthier choices throughout the day to avoid compromising your results.

6. Avoid reserving your calories for treats

Do not skip meals on Halloween for the sake of indulging in treats later on, since this will decrease your energy and metabolism, and can lead to overeating and weight gain. Binging on sugar can greatly lower your immunity just hours afterwards — making you more susceptible to illness and disease. Focus on eating healthy meals throughout the day, and treat Halloween goodies as you would desserts on any other day.

7. Rethink the snacks

If you’re going to a Halloween party, or perhaps having one at your office, make sure there’s something healthy to snack on by bringing fruit- or veggie-based foods. Look online for fun, healthy Halloween recipes — spooky deviled eggs, banana ghosts, and clementine pumpkins are just a few ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive without loading up on sugar.

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