Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feel like your younger self again

garcia-weight-loss-hormone-replacement-therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy

BioMD Hormone Replacement Therapy

BioMD Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) rebalances hormone levels that begin to decline as part of the aging process. The advantages of optimal hormone levels include more energy, vitality and strength as well as improved sex drive. Other advantages include better sleep, improved focus, younger-looking skin, and help keeping extra weight off.


About HRT

Our BioMD Therapy uses natural hormones that are bio-identical to the ones your body makes. These hormones are compounded on a patient-by-patient basis to make sure you are getting exactly what your body needs, and nothing it doesn’t. Our physicians will discuss, in depth, your specific symptoms, lab results, expectations, and lifestyle to come up with a customized plan to have you feeling your best.

What to expect from HRT

Our convenient program utilizes small pellets (smaller than a tic-tac) that are inserted under your skin near your hip using a local anesthetic for a nearly painless procedure. These pellets ensure a steady, low-dose level of hormones that avoid the peaks and valleys of other delivery methods. The treatment lasts from three to six months. Throughout your treatment, your hormone levels will be monitored and adjustments made as needed.