Unlock your own health story with your personalized genetic report

genetic-markers DNA Makes The Difference

Your DNA determines a lot more than your sex or your eye color. It can also tell you valuable information about the way your body processes foods and reacts to exercise — information that can put an end to trial-and-error diets or ineffective exercise regimens. For good.

Every body is different. That means that what works for your spouse or your co-worker may not work for you. If you're serious about your health goals, your genetic code holds the key to discovering how to reach them, including insights such as:

  • How your body processes and stores different types of fat
  • Which vitamins your body may not be adequately absorbing
  • If your body produces lower levels of a hormone that helps regulate metabolism
  • Whether you produce higher levels of a hormone that triggers hunger
  • If you're genetically predisposed to crave sweets

Vivaliti DNA analyzes 80 different genetic markers to give you a detailed picture of how your body works — everything you need to rewrite your own health story. Learn more about the Vivaliti DNA program.

Watch our founder and the creator of the Vivaliti DNA program, Dr. Jay J. Garcia, as he discusses the advantages of DNA testing with Fox 13 reporter, Cynthia Smoot. 


How will DNA make the difference for you?

Gain the insight you need to conquer any health goal

Our DNA test provides more specific information regarding nutrition, fitness, and metabolic function than other DNA tests such as 23andme. All of this information is used by our metabolic experts to create your personal program.  Providing you with this knowledge, in addition to an in-depth review with a health coach, makes this the most actionable DNA test on the market. Learn more about the Vivaliti DNA program.

Weight Loss

No more trial and error dieting! Studies show that people can lose up to 287% more excess weight when following a diet that's suited to their genes.

genetic-markers DNA Makes The DifferenceIf you’ve tried other weight-loss programs before, you know that many of them offer the same program to everyone, and yet try to convince you that it will be effective for you.

At Garcia Weight Loss, your weight-loss program is designed only for you. We have helped thousands succeed by taking it to a level you won’t find anywhere else with our advanced DNA test.

Once your plan is created, your confidence will soar each week when our health coaches work with you to acknowledge your success, support you through accountability, help you make lifestyle changes, and push you forward toward your goals. You will see that DNA truly makes the difference. Learn more about the Vivaliti DNA program.

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Health Optimization

Learn about your unique metabolic health factors and nutritional needs, so that you can reduce your risk of common health problems.

genetic-markers DNA Makes The DifferenceMaximum results require not just maximum effort, but maximum knowledge. You’re already putting in the effort. We can give you the knowledge.

We empower you with more information about yourself and how your body works than you’ve ever had before. We don’t sell your information to insurance companies, like 23andme does. We will put you in control of your body, your program, and your health. You will see that DNA truly makes the difference. Learn more about the Vivaliti DNA program.


Precision Supplementation

Take the supplements your body truly needs, and none that you don't. Get personalized supplements compounded just for you based on your DNA results.

genetic-markers DNA Makes The DifferenceSupplementation is the cornerstone of any health and wellness program. In fact, 68% of all Americans take dietary supplements. But determining the right ingredients and dosing can be a confusing guessing game driven by celebrity endorsements and fads that don’t deliver. We believe that you deserve better.

Our staff will never recommend a product that you don’t need, and will always encourage you to consider those that will make a difference. Our DNA testing helps us in this process by looking at your genetic-based deficiency risks in vitamins and minerals such as omega-3, omega-6, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin D. We even look at your MTHFR gene to evaluate whether your body requires the methyl form of B12 and folate, essential for your body’s natural detoxification process and optimizing health cells.

For those who wish to take their supplementation to the next level, we offer custom compounded supplements. Your formula is personally created by the Garcia Weight Loss team based on a combination of information from your DNA results, health lifestyle history, and labs (if available). Your supplement blend is created specifically for you and shipped directly to your home with your name on it. Your supplement blend will be unique just like you, and your results will be extraordinary because DNA truly makes the difference! Learn more about the Vivaliti DNA program.

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