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Supplement Pax

Easy | Convenient | Affordable

Introducing our new “Supplement Pax” Find your Pax today!

The Vivaliti Supplement Pax is a new packaging approach to our most popular daily supplments, designed to make staying in control of you wellness the easiest yet.  By presorting your daily supplements into easy-to-use daily AM/PM packets, Supplement Pax makes managing your daily regimine easy, convenient, and more affordable.  Choose the Supplement Pax that meets your wellness goals or customize your Pax for a truly personalized experience.

More Affordable
Best of all, purchasing a Supplemt Pax provides a significatnt saving over buy ingindividual bottles. With Autoship, each Vivaliti Supplement Pax is shipped directly your home every month, with FREE shipping.

“Traveling for work just got easier with the Supplement Pax.  I don’t have to carry all the multiple bottles inside my luggage.”   ~TJ

Choose Your Pax...

Each Pax is formulated to help support your wellness goals and designed to work in concert with other Pax.  Choose the Supplement Pax that's right for you...

Core Pax
Our foundational premium supplements for long-term wellness. The pak contains a high-quality multivitamin-mineral blend, Mega fish oil, Rectifi Probiotic, and D3 5000. Our Core Pax supports gastrointestinal balance, immune defense, bone strength, cardiovascular, neurological and cognitive health. 

Hormone Pax
Containing a DIM, Methyl Support and Zinc Glycinate, this pack is designed to support testosterone metabolism to healthy estrogen along with the optimal methylation and nutrients supporting core strength.

Weightloss Pax
Includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, Berberine, and Green Tea to help generate lower blood glucose levels, lipid metabolism, increased caloric burn along with gastrointestinal and immune health.

Calm Pax
This Pax contains Magnesium Citrate, Melatonin Pro, and Relora. These supplements reduce stress, cortisol levels, support relaxation and improve sleep quality.  

“The Weight Loss Pax has what I need, and it has helped me with my Weight Loss journey.” ~ JC