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Garcia Weight Loss FAQ's

Q: What happens during my first visit?

A: During your first visit, it is our goal to welcome you into our comfortable and supportive community! Our trained medical staff will complete a full health assessment and review your medical history. This first assessment will include measuring your basic vitals, performing an EKG and obtaining some blood work. We will also go over your personal weight loss goals and any dietary restrictions.

Q: What is the average weight loss of a patient?

A: While individual results vary and cannot be guaranteed, the typical patient who follows our program will lose 5 to 10 lbs their first week on the program and 15 lbs their first month.

Q: Are medications always used? what type of medication do you use?

A: Many of our Vivaliti plans include the use of appetite suppressants. However, we do have plans that do not utilize medications, such as for those patients who are nursing, or have other health history that would counter-indicate their use. We only use FDA-approved appetite suppressants because of their long-term safety and efficacy. Our appetite suppressants are recommended by the National Institute for Health. The combination of phen/fen is not used and has been taken off the market.

Q: Can/will I be prescribed medication?

A: Yes, if our Physician decides you need treatment, he will prescribe a medication and have it sent directly (electronically) to your pharmacy so it’s ready to pick-up when you arrive.

Q: What kind of foods are in your nutritional plans?

A: Our nutritional plans utilize low-glycemic foods that can be found in any mainstream grocery store. We educate you about these foods and proper portion sizes, so you can eat real food in real life settings.

Q: I’m diabetic. Do you have weight loss plans designed for me?

A: Yes! All of our weight loss plans are entirely personalized to fit the individual. For diabetic patients, we can put together a program to help them lose weight and engage in exercise to help manage their condition.

Q: Do your weight loss plans require me to quit drinking alcohol?

A: Cutting back on excess liquid calories is part of all of our weight loss programs, but that doesn’t mean you need to quit drinking entirely. It is acceptable to enjoy the occasional social drink, but be mindful of sugary mixers such as soda or juice. Opt for more healthy options such as coconut or soda water with lemon or lime juice for flavor.

Q: Do I need to exercise?

A: As part of your program customization, we will make recommendations for your activity level. This doesn’t necessarily mean “gym” time, but as you experience success with Vivaliti, it is natural to become more active in ways that suit you.

Q: Do I have to come into the office weekly?

A: Weekly visits are important for a number of reasons. Accountability improves your chances for success, and your weekly visit gives you a chance to get support, discuss your progress, and if indicated, get your weekly medication.

Q: How does my DNA play a role in weight loss?

A: Your DNA is key to weight loss as it holds the vital information needed to understand how you, as a unique individual, can achieve your goals in the quickest, most effective way. DNA testing offers insight, including:

  • How your body processes and stores fat
  • Which vitamins your body is and is not absorbing
  • Hormone levels that regulate metabolism
  • Genetic factors predisposing you to cravings

Q: Which cosmetic fillers do you offer?

A: We offer a wide variety of cosmetic fillers to fit each individual’s unique needs. From wrinkles to lips and cheeks to hands, we have the aesthetic solution to make everyone feel beautiful. We offer the following fillers:

  • Botox
  • Juvéderm XC
  • Juvéderm Voluma XC
  • Volbella
  • Radiesse

Q: Are your aesthetic services personalized?

A: Yes! Your skin is unique, and you deserve personalized care for a glowing complexion! Our facials are crafted to suit the individual needs of each client based on skin type. We offer a variety of facials based on occasion such as our spa facial, acne facial and even our back facial! We also provide a variety of chemical peels to suit all skin types and exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin cells.

Q: How does your referral program work?

A: When you refer a friend, they will receive $50 off their New Patient Visit! As a thank you for trusting us with the care of your loved ones, YOU will receive $25 in credit for every friend you refer!

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