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Vitamins Help

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Many have been told that vitamins help in our daily lives and they do, really they do, but there is a lot skepticism surrounding their existence. Many physicians have been on both sides of this debate, they have been for and against this notion of vitamins being a part of our daily lives. It is something to discuss, that is for sure, as they are a topic of constant conversation. Here we are going to discuss our reasons as to why vitamins are important to our daily lives.

They Reinforce Our Health

Vitamins work with our bodies. They help to make sure our bodies are working properly by reinforcing the nutrients we need in order to live healthy lives. The good thing about vitamins is that they are providing our bodies with what they need the same way that fruit or food does when we eat it. A food craving is really a craving for a specific vitamin or mineral that your body desperately needs in order to keep moving forward.

They Help Us When We Need It

When we are sick the doctors tell us to start upping our vitamin intake. Vitamins help to aid our immune systems by forcing out the pathogens that have built up in our bodies. By filling the body with vitamins you are flooding your system with much needed nutrients that will help quicken your recovery.


Preventive health has always been a rather hot button topic. Many people subscribe to their own form of preventive medicine by either working out or controlling their food intake. Another way is to take vitamins on a daily basis that helps to reinforce your immune system and keep diseases out of the way. Since many vitamins are water soluble your body doesn’t retain them for long, so taking them everyday might not be beneficial; but on the other hand people take them anyway and they are doing fine. In the end it is up to you where you stand in this particular situation and in regards toward your health.


Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on July 2, 2014

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