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5 foods that are bad for your skin

In Aesthetics, Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC October 31st, 2018

Your skin is your largest organ and is intricately connected with the other systems in the body. This means that something that is good for your body is usually also good for your skin, such as getting enough sleep. Things that are bad for your body, such as chronic high stress levels, are also bad for your skin. But even if you you’re making an effort to live a healthy life, you may be aggravating …

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The top 3 evidence-based weight-loss tips

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC November 5th, 2018

Have you tried to lose weight in the past, only to become confused and frustrated by all the weight-loss tips out there? There’s a reason that so much weight-loss advice seems to be contradictory: Not everyone responds to different foods and exercises the same way. Your health, and the likelihood of your to body to hang on to excess weight, is largely influenced by your unique genetic makeup. That said, there are some tried-and-true, evidence-based …

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Chronic inflammation and weight gain

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC August 21st, 20180 Comments

Medical treatments for chronic disease and even weight loss are focusing more and more on the need to prevent and reduce chronic inflammation. Studies show that inflammation is a common underlying factor in all major degenerative diseases — including heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and diabetes — and that it can also cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight. The good news: inflammation is linked to several diet and lifestyle factors. By making key changes in …

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Sugar alcohols healthier than sugar?

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC August 28th, 2018

We all know sugar is bad for us, but it’s tough to give it up! Even if you are actively trying to avoid sugar, it’s often surprising how many foods contain hidden sources of sugar. And artificial sweeteners are billed as a safe alternative to sugar, their use has still been associated with health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. Fortunately, there is another alternative: sugar alcohols. If you’ve never tried these natural …

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From the doc: Heart-healthy foods

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Nutrition by Jay J. Garcia M.D. September 1st, 2018

February is all about heart health! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, but the good news is, risk factors for heart disease can often be reduced or prevented with lifestyle changes.  Eating heart-healthy foods is an important step to overall heart health! When it comes to heart health, the first thing many people think about is exercise. And exercise is important, whether you want to lose weight or maintain your weight. …

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7 tips for a healthy Halloween

In Health and Wellness by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC August 30th, 20180 Comments

Resisting treats and goodies around Halloween can be tricky when you’ve been managing a healthy eating plan. One or two treats may not do much harm on their own, but when you start losing track, small treats here and there can add up, and derail your health goals. By the end of the year, you may once again find yourself back to making New Year’s resolutions surrounding your food choices. But what if you could …

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How to get rid of belly fat

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC September 2nd, 20180 Comments

People with normal body weight are at risk for health complications if they have excess visceral belly fat. Of all the places on your body to have excess fat, the fat in your abdominal region offers the most serious health risks. Belly fat has been linked to heart disease, dementia, various forms of cancer, and other major health problems. Eliminating belly fat not only boosts your confidence and enhances the appearance of your midsection, but improves …

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Are artificial sweeteners safe?

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC September 2nd, 20180 Comments

Are artificial sweeteners safe? .Americans have been using artificial sweeteners for decades in an effort to cut back on sugar and prevent weight gain. Aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose are just a few artificial sweeteners approved by the FDA as food additives. But in recent years, these sweeteners have been linked to several serious health complications including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Here’s a closer look at the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners, as …

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Foods that can help keep your skin looking younger

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC November 6th, 20180 Comments

Did you know foods can help keep your skin looking younger? A diet high in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients can accelerate the aging process and cause skin problems including acne and rashes. But a diet high in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients can keep your skin looking smooth, supple, and youthful today and for years to come. Here’s a look at foods to avoid, and foods to consume more of if your goal is …

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The health dangers of sugar

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC August 21st, 20180 Comments

Sugar is one of the most health-damaging substances you can possibly eat, yet this ingredient is abundant in many foods, including most processed and packaged foods — even non-dessert foods. High sugar intake is primarily associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes, but is also linked to a number of other serious health risks such as cancer and heart disease. Understanding the dangers of sugar can motivate you to steer clear of this ingredient, or …