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15 tips for avoiding holiday weight gain

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC December 19th, 2018

Holiday weight gain is a problem for nearly everyone. It can be incredibly easy to overeat during the holiday season. The spreads at holiday parties and buffets can present a wealth of tasty food options that could be detrimental to your waistline, such as cookies, fondues and cheese dips, chocolate fountains, fried appetizers, and more. Alcohol consumption can also lower your inhibitions and make you more likely to reach for tempting foods that you would normally …

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From the doc: Proper portion control for weight loss

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. September 1st, 2018

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss is that if you eat a lot of “healthy” foods, you’ll drop pounds. But losing weight is, unfortunately, not that simple. How much you eat matters just as much as what you eat. This is where portion control comes in. Portion control means that no matter what food you’re eating, you pay attention to how much you’re consuming in that serving. You know the portion size that is …

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From the doc: Use a food journal to identify patterns and triggers

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. September 1st, 2018

Do you keep track of what you eat and drink? A Kaiser Permanente study of more than 1,600 people found that those who kept a daily food journal lost twice as much weight over 6 months compared to those who did not journal. Tracking what (as well as when and why) you eat can reveal important insights into your personal habits and nutrition. You may discover that you’re eating more than you realize, you reach …

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From the doc: Proper portions without a food scale

In Uncategorized, Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. August 22nd, 2018

Portion control is often an issue when you’re trying to lose weight. Whether you’re following a specific nutritional plan or just trying some new healthy recipes, the more closely you can stick to the recommended portion sizes, the better your meal plan will work! Depending on the type of food, you may see portions listed in ounces, grams, cups, or simply the number of items. But it can hard to make sure you have the …