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What you need to know about fish oil quality standards

In Supplements by Garcia Weight Loss March 29th, 2018

You may have seen recent news reports about a class action lawsuit against CVS over false marketing of its Omega-3 Krill Oil. The CVS case raises questions about how consumers can be sure that they are receiving the quality products they believe they are purchasing in an effort to improve their health. The health claims regarding supplements can be confusing, and irresponsible advertising only makes it more difficult to determine which products will help you …

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How to choose the right supplements for weight loss

In Supplements by Garcia Weight Loss April 3rd, 2018

Walk into any health food store, and you’re sure to encounter row upon row of supplements, all of which make some pretty powerful health claims. How do you know which ones you need, and how do you choose between different brands or dosages? While the best source of vitamins and nutrients is always whole, healthy foods, sometimes it’s difficult to meet your body’s needs through food alone, especially if you’re following a calorie-restricted diet. Supplements …

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6 tips for a heart-healthy diet

In Health and Wellness by Garcia Weight Loss February 2nd, 2018

Making lifestyle changes to improve your health, lose weight, and take care of your heart is a lifelong project that can be compared to a marathon rather than a sprint. If you approach it with the mindset that you can just make temporary changes, you’ll likely soon fall back into old habits and undo whatever progress you’ve made. Making significant improvements to your health requires adopting healthy habits that you can stick with for the …

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From the doc: Heart-healthy foods

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss January 26th, 2018

February is all about heart health! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, but the good news is, risk factors for heart disease can often be reduced or prevented with lifestyle changes. When it comes to heart health, the first thing many people think about is exercise. And exercise is important, whether you want to lose weight or maintain your weight. A combination of aerobic activity and strength training can help slow …

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From the doc: Choosing an omega

In Supplements by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

We know you try to take care of yourself. You work out, watch your diet, and take supplements. Is omega-3 fish oil part of your wellness routine? Omega-3 fish oils are one of the most important supplements you can take. Research shows that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids provides numerous benefits, including: Lower blood pressure Increased HDL (“good”) cholesterol Reduced risk of heart attack Lower levels of stress hormones, which is critical for weight loss …

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8 cancer-fighting foods

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Eating foods packed with cancer-fighting nutrients and antioxidants can reduce your risk of developing cancer, and can also complement conventional cancer treatments like radiation therapy. Inflammation is often the root cause of cancer, as inflammation can lead to the multiplying of abnormal cells that trigger the growth of cancerous tumors. The key to fighting cancer with food involves consuming high amounts of healthy, whole foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can effectively …

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How to add superfoods to your diet

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss October 10th, 20170 Comments

Superfoods are packed with nutrients that aid in weight loss and offer countless health benefits. Everyone knows that superfoods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts are healthy, yet many people tend to lean toward foods they feel are more appetizing or convenient, such as fast food, frozen dinners, and other less healthy options. The key to adding superfoods to your diet is to know how to incorporate them into everyday meals so that you can adjust …

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Foods that can help keep your skin looking youthful

In Uncategorized by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Exercise, plenty of sleep, and minimal sun exposure are just some ways to keep your skin looking youthful, but did you know the foods you eat can also impact your appearance? A diet high in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients can accelerate the aging process and cause skin problems including acne and rashes. But a diet high in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients can keep your skin looking smooth, supple, and youthful today and for …

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The Importance of Vitamin D

In Health and Wellness, Supplements by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Typically referred to as the sunshine Vitamin, this multitasker is becoming known as D for Disease Preventer.  This vitamin actually acts more like a hormone, by interacting with enzymes in the body to promote calcium absorption, bone metabolism, and healthy bone remodeling.  Vitamin D receptors are found in all tissues of the body, including the brain, heart, and muscles. However, a large majority of the US population is suspected to have suboptimal levels of Vitamin …