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7 hidden causes of weight gain

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss August 13th, 2018

Most people would agree that losing weight is no easy task. It takes long-term commitment and dedication to lose excess pounds and keep them off. A big part of this effort involves eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise. But sometimes, you may find that weight loss just isn’t happening, even though you’re working hard to be as healthy as possible. In some cases, people may have a hard time losing weight despite a healthy …

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4 medications that contribute to weight gain

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss April 12th, 2018

When taking medications, you and your doctor must jointly weigh the benefits against any risks. A common complaint associated with the use of certain commonly prescribed medications is weight gain. If you struggle with weight control, consider whether any of the following four medications could be exacerbating the issue. Birth control Contraceptives can cause temporary weight gain in women mostly due to fluid retention. For most people, this side effect goes away in a few …