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How long does it really take to lose 10 pounds?

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 18th, 20170 Comments

Many fitness and weight-loss experts say that on average, a person should aim to lose between one and two pounds of excess weight per week. But in reality, no two people are alike when it comes to weight loss. There are literally hundreds of factors that can determine how quickly someone can lose weight — such as the number of hours of sleep they receive on average, and whether they take prescription drugs that can …

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5 reasons weight loss is harder for women

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Most of us have seen or experienced some version of this scenario: a husband and wife decide to work together to lose weight. They start exercising together and start eating healthier foods. Before long, the husband is looking slimmer and more muscular, but the wife is still struggling to drop the pounds. It’s not your imagination: weight loss really is harder for women. For any woman trying to slim down — whether with a partner …