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How apples may be the easiest diet trick ever

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss March 8th, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt seems that the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have more truth to it than we realize. In addition to being a nutrient-dense fresh fruit that can help regulate blood sugar, apples may also reduce the risk of heart disease, help prevent cognitive decline, and could also help prevent certain cancers. Apples may even help promote weight loss. What is it about the apple that makes it an ideal addition …

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From the doc: Q & A with Dr. Garcia about cravings

In Uncategorized by Garcia Weight Loss November 25th, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutesDr. Garcia, talk to us about cravings … What’s your best advice when you’re hit with a serious craving and you’re trying to stick to eating healthy? Dr. G: Well, the first thing to do when you get a cravings is to drink an 8-ounce glass of water and wait a little bit to make sure you are hungry, not just thirsty. Thirst is often masked as hunger. Drinking your water and waiting 20 minutes …

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6 things your food cravings may be telling you

In Health and Wellness by Garcia Weight Loss November 20th, 20170 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutesCraving specific foods often indicates that your body is trying to send you a message that has something to do with your current state of health. Since most cravings people experience are for junk foods like candy, pizza, and donuts, suffering cravings regularly can lead to weight gain and health problems like type two diabetes and heart disease. Do you find yourself frequently experiencing cravings? Here’s a look at what food cravings might mean for …

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5 reasons you have food cravings — and what to do about them

In Health and Wellness by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you’re trying to lose weight, food cravings can be a major obstacle. You know all the rules for healthy eating, but it’s hard to resist when you get a craving for something sweet or salty. You may think that cravings just mean you miss your favorite junk foods, but actually they are often an indication of a nutritional deficiency or other medical issue. The good news is, they can often be controlled through changes …

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Why “everything in moderation” is bad advice for weight loss

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat’s the piece of advice you hear most often from well-meaning friends and family when you talk about trying to lose weight? We bet it’s something like “everything is okay in moderation” or “just eat a balanced diet.” But when it comes to your weight and your health, most people’s idea of a “balanced” or “moderate” diet is far too permissive — and following it could destroy your weight-loss efforts. It turns out that more …