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7 reasons your weight may fluctuate — that have nothing to do with body fat

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss March 8th, 2018

You’re working out and eating right. Yesterday, the scale was your friend, but today the number has actually risen. You really believed you were on the right track, but now you feel deflated. Does this situation sound familiar? Although frustrating, fluctuations in weight are normal and should be expected. Most of the time, these changes are the result of natural functions of your body and don’t require you to make any changes. Understanding why these …

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Why cellular repair is important for weight loss

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss December 22nd, 2017

Damage to cells in the body is often the root cause of many major health problems including weight gain, obesity, and cancer — plus many symptoms we commonly associate with aging. Factors that commonly play a role in cellular damage include poor nutrition, inadequate or poor sleep, and excess sun exposure. Repairing your body on the cellular level can help slow down the body’s aging process and prevent the onset of health conditions that can …

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10 foods nutritionists never eat

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss December 11th, 2017

Curious about which foods the experts refuse to put in their bodies? Nutritionists may not necessarily always agree on what constitutes a healthy diet — in part because differences in our genetic makeup influence how people respond to and process different foods — they do tend to agree on certain foods that they simply won’t touch. Here are 10 foods that nutritionists avoid at all costs. 1. Artificial sweeteners Sugar-free is always better for you, …

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10 tips for losing weight before Christmas

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss November 28th, 2017

It’s common to gain a little weight during the holiday season — not only are decadent foods everywhere, but you’re likely socializing more and busier in general, which leaves less time to plan and prepare healthy meals. While it may be tempting to put healthy eating on hiatus and get back on track in the new year, doing so can compromise your health — not to mention make it more difficult to reach your health …

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10 tips for avoiding holiday overeating

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss November 17th, 2017

The following is an excerpt from our new e-book, Creating a Healthy Holiday Season. Download your copy now and get more great strategies for making healthy choices during the holidays! It can be incredibly easy to overeat during the holiday season. The spreads at holiday parties and buffets can present a wealth of tasty food options that could be detrimental to your waistline, such as cookies, fondues and cheese dips, chocolate fountains, fried appetizers, and …

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5 weight-loss myths that are holding you back

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 27th, 20170 Comments

More than one-third of American adults suffer from obesity, which is why nearly everyone is talking about weight loss these days. Considering all the buzz about this major health epidemic, it can be hard to distinguish between weight-loss methods that work, and those that don’t — especially when advice is being thrown at you from every direction. Could certain weight-loss myths be holding you back from achieving your weight-loss goals? Here are five common myths …

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How to get rid of belly fat

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Of all the places on your body to have excess fat, the fat in your abdominal region offers the most serious health risks. Belly fat has been linked to heart disease, dementia, various forms of cancer, and other major health problems. Even individuals with a normal body weight are at risk for these health complications if they have excess belly fat. Eliminating belly fat not only boosts your confidence and enhances the appearance of your …

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Not all carbohydrates are created equal

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss October 6th, 20170 Comments

Carbohydrates are essential for fueling your body with energy. The right types of carbs can regulate your blood sugar, offer a lasting feeling of fullness, and lend to muscle growth, among many other health benefits. But not all carbs are healthy. It’s important to know the difference between carbs that can improve your energy levels, and carbs that can drain your energy, lead to weight gain, and increase your risk of future health problems. Simple …