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Don’t just track calories: 3 metrics that may be more useful

In Health and Wellness by Garcia Weight Loss August 17th, 2018

When it comes to weight loss, the prevailing school of thought is “calories in, calories out.” There are countless weight-loss programs and apps that encourage you to track calories as a means of losing weight. But it isn’t always that simple. If you want to find success with weight loss, you may need to take a different approach. The truth is, all calories are not created equal. If you’re focusing solely on calories, you may …

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From the doc: Proper portion control for weight loss

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss July 25th, 2018

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss is that if you eat a lot of “healthy” foods, you’ll drop pounds. But losing weight is, unfortunately, not that simple. How much you eat matters just as much as what you eat. This is where portion control comes in. Portion control means that no matter what food you’re eating, you pay attention to how much you’re consuming in that serving. You know the portion size that is …

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Counting macros instead of calories may help you lose weight

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss June 21st, 2018

We’ve all heard the age-old diet advice to simply cut calories for weight loss. But for the many people who try this type of plan and don’t achieve success, calorie cutting is just not enough. Science is discovering more and more about how well our bodies actually use those calories, and it’s clear that there’s much more to this puzzle than the number of calories you eat on any given day. We know that variations …

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How apples may be the easiest diet trick ever

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss March 8th, 2018

It seems that the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have more truth to it than we realize. In addition to being a nutrient-dense fresh fruit that can help regulate blood sugar, apples may also reduce the risk of heart disease, help prevent cognitive decline, and could also help prevent certain cancers. Apples may even help promote weight loss. What is it about the apple that makes it an ideal addition …

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10 diet changes to make if you’re over 40

In Nutrition by Garcia Weight Loss December 5th, 2017

If you’re around the age of 40, you may have started to notice that keeping off excess weight is more difficult for you than it’s ever been before. That’s because women in their 40s generally start to experience a decline in estrogen and metabolism as part of the natural aging process. Without regular exercise and good nutrition, these factors can increase the risk of weight gain, along with heart disease, osteoporosis, and cognitive problems. If …

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5 weight-loss myths that are holding you back

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss October 27th, 20170 Comments

More than one-third of American adults suffer from obesity, which is why nearly everyone is talking about weight loss these days. Considering all the buzz about this major health epidemic, it can be hard to distinguish between weight-loss methods that work, and those that don’t — especially when advice is being thrown at you from every direction. Could certain weight-loss myths be holding you back from achieving your weight-loss goals? Here are five common myths …