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How losing weight could help you save money

In Weight Loss by Garcia Weight Loss February 9th, 2018

Not only can an active and healthy lifestyle help you lose weight, it can also benefit you financially. Maintaining a healthy weight can help save thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. Some of the benefits of losing weight include fewer doctor visits, fewer required prescriptions, and a reduced risk of severe health issues — all of which can help you save potentially thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

The cost of being overweight

An unhealthy weight can lead to chronic disease. Diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and vascular diseases are all associated with excess weight, as are health conditions such as chronic inflammation and joint pain. Healthcare costs are 42 percent higher for adults with an “obese” BMI than for adults at a healthy weight, and individuals who qualify as “moderately obese” are twice as likely to be prescribed medications for managing medical conditions.

Medical costs tend to increase with age, and those increased costs are only compounded when you add excess weight into the picture. Studies show that a 40-year-old adult can save an average of $18,262 by dropping from an “obese” BMI to an “overweight” BMI, and $31,447 by dropping to a “normal” BMI. Adults who lose weight at age 50 can save even more — an average of $36,278.

The cost of dining out

There’s a common perception that eating healthy is expensive, but in fact, Americans tend to spend more when they dine out. The average restaurant meal costs $12.75, while the average meal prepared at home is only $2 per person. Going out to lunch every workday can add up to $2,500 a year, while people who make their own lunch — even a healthy one — tend to spend half that amount. By some estimates, the average American could save more than $36 per week by preparing all of their own meals.

The cost of missed work

Lost productivity due to illness and medical procedures are another major factor in the costs associated with being overweight. Missing work and not performing at your best affect both you and your employer. If your sick days are limited, it can lead to lost wages and additional stress. And missing too much work could hinder your chances of receiving a raise or a promotion.

A healthier workforce benefits everyone involved, and many corporations now recognize the benefits of offering wellness programs to their employees. At least 50% of a company’s health insurance claims expenses come in the form of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases, and higher claim costs drive up insurance premiums for everyone.

Take action now

If you are struggling with your weight, begin a healthier lifestyle right now. Making small improvements every day can help you gain the momentum you need to lose weight and live an active, healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight can add years to your life and improve the quality of your life in the meantime.

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