spinach-strawberry-salad-864x576 Liven up your meals with these non-boring salads

Liven up your meals with these non-boring salads

In Nutrition by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC August 21st, 20180 Comments

Salads are a great way to get more nutritious, healthy greens and vegetables into your diet. And they’re easy to make, whether you’re throwing one together for a quick lunch or making a family-sized version to take to a summer picnic.

Think salads are boring? Try mixing it up — literally! — with some unexpected ingredients to create a seriously flavorful dish that works as a side dish or a main dish. Many of these are meat-free, but you can always add some roast chicken for a little extra protein that will keep you feeling full longer.

Thai mango salad with peanut dressing

From Cookie and Kate

This fresh vegetarian salad combines butter lettuce, mango, and red bell pepper with a spicy peanut dressing. Perfect for warm summer days. Get the recipe.

Kale bistro salad

From Kitchn

Kale, radicchio, bacon, and boiled egg create a delicious combination of flavors in this updated take on the classic bistro salad. This recipe makes 4 entree-sized salads so you can save them to eat throughout the week. Get the recipe.

Strawberry spinach salad

From I Wash You Dry

Fresh strawberries and candied pecans make this a delicious, light salad that pairs well with anything or works just as well on its own. Get the recipe.

Salmon caesar salad

From Blue Apron

This delicious classic has everything you need in a meal: plant compounds, protein, and healthy fat. This recipe from Blue Apron includes homemade sourdough croutons and a creamy, lemony dressing. Get the recipe.

Vegan cobb salad

From Love & Lemons

Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll love this tasty take on a cobb salad, which uses baked coconut flakes in place of bacon and a cashew-based dressing. Get the recipe.

Arugula salad with steak

From Whole Foods

Arugula gives this salad a peppery flavor. An often-overlooked salad green, arugula offers many of the same benefits as other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Get the recipe.

Tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad

From Ahead of Thyme

This light, refreshing salad is perfect for summer picnics. Try adding some toasted almonds for a little extra crunch. Get the recipe.

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