Christmas-Tree-in-Snow-1170x354-864x261 Don’t let the Holidays sidetrack you… Have a plan!

Don’t let the Holidays sidetrack you… Have a plan!

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You’ve probably heard that many people gain weight during the holidays.  We don’t believe in being a Scrooge about it, but there are ways to enjoy this time of year without getting derailed.  Here are the top 5 tips from Garcia Weight Loss

  • Plan ahead for parties:  If you’re headed out to a party and know you want some of Aunt Barb’s famous Apple Dapple Cake, make a plan before hand to just have a small slice and balance that by avoiding the egg nog.  We’re also big fans of having a smart protein snack (like our On The Go Bars) before you head out to avoid temptation!
  • Stay active:  This is an awesome time of year in Tampa to do some outside exercise.  Jog on Bayshore with a friend, take the dogs for a longer walk and look at Christmas lights, or just play outside with the kids and enjoy that the humidity is finally below 90%!
  • Make Pinterest your friend, not foe:  Yes, we’ve all seen those 7 layer brownies on Pinterest…and guess what, they look good, but they’re not gonna do you any favors. Follow and pin healthy options and you’ll be jonesing for those instead.
  • Don’t get tricked by the red cup:  Yes, we all love those red cups…what is it?  The allure of the holidays and a warm drink?  Who knows?  But, you can get your red cup fix without the 450+ calories that come with some of those holiday drinks.  Choose a hot tea instead, and relish that you still can get that warm, fuzzy red cup feeling without busting your waistline.
  • Focus on your goal:  Where do you want to be come January 1st?  Right on track or kicking yourself?  A little discipline this month can pay off big time by not being one of those people who gains up weight.  Ask yourself where you want to be on January 1st and use it as your motivation!

These are a few tips that can help keep you on track throughout the holidays…cause here in Tampa, we’ll be talking about bathing suit season again before you know it!

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