pair-up-for-success-864x576 From the doc: Pair up for success

From the doc: Pair up for success

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Friends are great for lots of reasons: support, stress relief, camaraderie. Did you know they can also improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off?

A study at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that those embarking on a weight-loss program with friends completed the program 95% of the time, compared to just 76% of people who started it solo. And after 10 months, 66% of the dieters with buddies kept the weight off, compared to 24% who were on their own.

In addition, sociologists have long known that our behaviors are influenced by our friends and family. It’s important and helpful to surround yourself with people who will support you while you lose weight. Spend time with people who enjoy healthy lifestyles and respect your goals. Your good habits can help influence those close to you as well.

Grab a friend and try these tips for losing weight together:

  • Choose a pal with similar goals and share your goals with each other
  • Make sure you and your buddy have positive attitudes
  • Check in with your pal daily, decide beforehand whether you’ll talk, email, or text each day
  • Share your menu plan for meals each day (it helps with accountability)
  • Call or text your friend in situations where your willpower is slipping — they can help remind you of your goals
  • If your buddy is local, work out or go on walks together
  • Celebrate each other’s successes (but not with food!)

Don’t know anyone else who wants to lose weight? Find an accountability partner online! Join a supportive Facebook group and search for a member with similar goals, or look for a workout buddy in your area.

At our Garcia Weight Loss centers in Tampa, our staff is trained to offer support, empathy, and help you with accountability. Our patients check-in once a week to discuss progress, challenges, and successes. We support our patients who want to lose weight with a friend, too! Request your no-cost consultation today, and get started on the path to better health!

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