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Cravings Q & A with Dr. Garcia

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Health and Wellness by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC September 2nd, 2018

It’s that time again!  We sat down with Dr. Garcia and asked him about the best way to beat cravings, and what’s on his plate on Thanksgiving.

So, Dr. G, talk to me about cravings…I know I get them, what’s your best advice when you’re hit with a serious craving and you’re trying to stick to eating healthy?

Well, first thing to do when you get a craving is to drink an 8 ounce glass of water and wait a little bit to make sure you are hungry, not just thirsty.  Thirst is often masked as hunger.  Drinking your water and waiting 20 minutes is a great way to test it.

Ok, what if my craving is very real, and I need something sweet, now!

When I want something sweet, I go for one of our On The Go Bars, they scratch that itch for something sweet, but they are loaded with protein and low in sugar.  My favorite flavor is Rockie Road.  Another treat is frozen grapes, they are naturally sweet and since they are frozen you eat them slowly, so you tend to not gorge on them.

And what if it’s the salty taste that I’m going for?

Almonds, low-salt pretzels, maybe some celery and peanut butter.  Those are all good choices.  We also have protein chips is a few different flavors, the Ranch is really good.

Alright, talk to me about alcohol, if I’m going to have a drink, what should I look for?

Well, it’s important to treat it like a carb, you should moderate how much you have and be conscious of what you are mixing it with.  The clear liquors like vodka tend to have less sugar than the darker ones like rum.  Maybe do a Vodka with Diet Tonic and lime, or you can use club soda as a mixer too.

 Well, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, what’s your favorite dish?

I always make sure to load my plate with the protein (the turkey), and then I just do a small portion of all the sides.  Although, I do love a Sweet Potato Casserole, I gotta have more than just a bite of that one!

Do you have any advice to sticking to a healthy lifestyle during the holidays?

Well, I always make sure I take my supplements.  The most important is an Omega-3, I also use ProTrim, it’s a thermogenic, and our Relora to help manage stress is always great this time of year when people tend to feel more stressed.  By taking my supplements every day, it’s a little reminder to stay on track and to be mindful of my diet and activity as well.

You recently expanded to Pinellas county for the first time.  Tell me about that. 

Well, for years, we’ve had a lot of patients who either live or work in Pinellas county, it really just made sense to be able to service that area with a weight loss and wellness program that people already know and trust.  We chose Palm Harbor, and we are thrilled to be there, it’s a beautiful office, and the staff is fantastic.  It’s exciting for us.

Thanks, Dr. Garcia!  Check out next month’s installation where we finish up our Q & A with Dr. G!  Have a question for him?  Leave it in the comments below and maybe we’ll ask him!