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From the doc: Psychology of weight loss often goes overlooked

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. July 31st, 2019

Your mental state plays a huge role in your degree of success with any weight-loss program. Mind and body are deeply connected in ways that even experts do not yet fully understand. Consider phenomena like the placebo effect, in which a person experiences an improvement in symptoms simply because they think they are getting treatment. Or think of a time when you had anxiety or nerves that made you sick to your stomach. When your …

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From the doc: How important is exercise for weight loss?

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. June 26th, 2019

For years, we’ve all been told that exercise is the key to weight loss. That if we simply spend enough hours sweating it out at the gym, we’ll be able to burn enough calories to reach our goal weight. Many diet plans focus on creating a caloric deficit. One pound is equal to 3,500 calories; therefore, to lose a pound, you need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories though a combination of diet and …

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10 ways to lose belly fat

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC June 19th, 2019

You may think of belly fat as uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unsightly, but did you know it’s also dangerous? Carrying extra fat around the midsection poses greater health risks than just being overweight in general, because it surrounds the internal organs. Of all the places on your body to carry excess fat, the fat in your abdominal region offers the most serious health risks. Unlike subcutaneous fat, which is located directly under the skin, visceral fat …

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5 ways to start your day to promote healthy weight loss

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC June 10th, 2019

When you’re trying to lose weight or adopt healthy habits, look at each day as a new opportunity. If you get started on the right foot, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. That’s why morning habits can make or break your efforts to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Though many people don’t like to get up in the morning, it’s actually an ideal time to give yourself momentum as you make it …

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From the doc: The benefits of medical weight loss

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. April 24th, 2019

Curious about medical weight loss? If you’ve only tried traditional diet plans in the past, medical weight loss will be an entirely different approach for you — for all the right reasons. Medical weight loss is a great option for people who have found traditional diet plans to be ineffective. It’s an approach that combines a doctor’s expertise, your individual health profile, and advanced testing to produce results that are tailored uniquely for you. In …

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Drinking more of these teas may help you lose weight

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC March 26th, 2019

Tea is perhaps the most widely consumed beverage in the world. But the word “tea” can mean many things. In fact, most supermarkets carry dozens of different types of tea. How do you know which ones are best for you if you’re trying to lose weight? Plenty of research shows that when it comes to weight loss, tea can help you reach your goals. Below are some of the varieties of tea that have science …

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From the doc: 5 things you should embrace to lose weight

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. March 22nd, 2019

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or get healthier knows that unhealthy habits are hard to break. After all, if they weren’t, wouldn’t everyone be at their ideal weight with great diet and exercise habits? Unfortunately, many great intentions are sidetracked — or sabotaged altogether — by those pesky bad habits that keep coming back into our lives. Perhaps it’s snacking on carbs late at night or binging on Netflix instead of going …

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10 reasons to lose 10 pounds (and how long it takes)

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC May 13th, 2019

How often have you heard that those last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose? This may be true for many people. But evidence shows it’s the first 10 pounds that matter the most. “We are seeing major health benefits when a patient is able to lose just 5 to 10 percent of their body weight,” says Dr. Garcia. “This new standard for weight loss is a highly important goal to attain due to the …

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Ready to start losing weight? Start with these 5 habits

In Weight Loss by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC March 18th, 2019

Many factors are at work in determining how easily you can lose weight and keep it off. Some are not in your control, including your DNA and genetics. But, if you focus on small, doable changes, you can get started on the path to a healthier you. Start with these 5 simple weight-loss habits. 1. Start a food and drink diary A food journal can help you identify your own personal diet patterns and determine …