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From the doc: should you detox?

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. June 3rd, 2019

If you’ve been looking for ways to lose weight and improve your health, chances are, you’ve entertained the idea of a detox. Many companies offer detox plans and products that claim to help you lose weight, rid your body of toxins and chemicals, increase energy, or even prevent illness. But can these claims be trusted? How can you tell which detox diets or products will actually help, and which ones are just scams? The idea …

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From the doc: The benefits of medical weight loss

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. April 24th, 2019

Curious about medical weight loss? If you’ve only tried traditional diet plans in the past, medical weight loss will be an entirely different approach for you — for all the right reasons. Medical weight loss is a great option for people who have found traditional diet plans to be ineffective. It’s an approach that combines a doctor’s expertise, your individual health profile, and advanced testing to produce results that are tailored uniquely for you. In …

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From the doc: 5 things you should embrace to lose weight

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. March 22nd, 2019

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or get healthier knows that unhealthy habits are hard to break. After all, if they weren’t, wouldn’t everyone be at their ideal weight with great diet and exercise habits? Unfortunately, many great intentions are sidetracked — or sabotaged altogether — by those pesky bad habits that keep coming back into our lives. Perhaps it’s snacking on carbs late at night or binging on Netflix instead of going …

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From the doc: The importance of vitamin D for health and weight loss

In Dr. Jay Garcia MD, Supplements by Jay J. Garcia M.D. March 21st, 2019

Are you getting enough vitamin D? Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating many bodily functions and in preventing disease. Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough of this vital nutrient. Typically referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D actually acts more like a hormone. Your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D interacts with enzymes in the body to promote many important processes, including calcium absorption and …

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From the doc: Yes, you need to eat vegetables

In Nutrition by Jay J. Garcia M.D. February 25th, 2019

It’s the advice our mother always gave us and that health experts continue to push to this day: eat more vegetables. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans say half of your plate should be vegetables. And yet, so many of us continue to eat far fewer vegetables than recommended. One study found that less than 14 percent of people are getting the recommended amount of vegetables each day! Chances are, you already know vegetables are …

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From the doc: 7 evidence-based benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. March 21st, 2019

Dietary fats have had a bad reputation for many years. For the longest time, low-fat diets promised weight loss, and people were told that eating fats would lead to weight gain. But certain fats are actually necessary for facilitating many processes in the body, and may even help drive weight loss. You’ve probably already heard of omega-3 fatty acids, but how do these fats benefit your health? Are you getting enough omega-3s in your diet? …

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From the doc: How to prevent heart disease

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. January 21st, 2019

Heart disease is a widespread killer. The CDC reports that one in every four deaths in the United States is due to heart disease, and it’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. These numbers are alarming — but you don’t have to resign to becoming a statistic. It is possible to prevent heart disease. There are many steps you can take to lower your risk, and you can start today. Keep …

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From the doc: 5 reasons too much sugar is bad for you

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. December 31st, 2018

Sugar can be found in all kinds of foods, from the obvious (cakes and cookies) to the surprising (marinara sauce and salad dressing). We know that sugar contains excess calories, which can contribute to higher body weight — and the health problems that go along with being overweight. But what if you’re overall pretty healthy and aren’t trying to lose weight? Should you still cut back on sugar? Yes — and I’ll give you a …

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From the doc: The link between gut health and weight loss

In Weight Loss by Jay J. Garcia M.D. March 21st, 2019

If you’ve read any of our past blogs, you know that achieving a healthy weight is not as simple as eating less and exercising more. We’ve discussed how hormone imbalances play a role in weight gain. We’ve also covered the importance of getting enough sleep and how it affects a person’s weight. And, we’ve shed light on the complex topic of how genetics and DNA affect weight. As research on obesity and weight continues to …

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From the doc: How to take a technology break

In Health and Wellness by Jay J. Garcia M.D. October 24th, 2018

Our smartphones, tablets, and computers offer a lot of conveniences. We can email, text, and call people from almost anywhere. We can watch any movie we want, anytime. Technology has enabled us to be in constant contact and to be entertained at any moment — but this isn’t always healthy. In fact, technology addiction is a real phenomenon, and it’s interfering with our professional and personal lives. People are texting and driving, risking their own …