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6 ways to overcome the emotional challenges of weight loss

In Weight Loss by Jennifer Berry July 31st, 2019

If you’ve decided it’s time to lose weight, congratulations! As you begin your journey, you might be looking forward to changes in your future. Perhaps you’re thinking about a favorite pair of jeans you want to fit into or the extra energy you’ll have to do things you’ve been putting off. But what many people don’t anticipate are the emotional challenges, both good and bad, that happen when a person loses weight. Getting healthier is …

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Should you drink less soda? 10 reasons to cut back

In Health and Wellness by Jennifer Berry March 22nd, 2019

If you’ve got a soda habit, you’re not alone. At least half of Americans drink it every day. You probably know that soda contains sugar, which isn’t helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. But beyond this, there are a number of reasons to drink less soda or even cut the soda habit for good. 1. Soda will send you way over your sugar limit High consumption of sugar causes a number of health problems, …

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8 things you’re probably doing that cause inflammation in your body

In Health and Wellness by Jennifer Berry March 18th, 2019

Inflammation is a natural response produced by the body’s immune system. The immune system activates this inflammatory response in order to heal an injury or acute (short-term) illness. This involves the release of white blood cells, immune cells, and infection-fighting substances. When you sprain your ankle and it turns red, warm, and swollen, that’s inflammation at work trying to heal the injury. We often hear that we should fight inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs or by …

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68 different names for sugar

In Nutrition by Jennifer Berry March 18th, 2019

It’s not an easy task to avoid or limit your sugar consumption these days. Many processed foods, even ones you wouldn’t expect, contain added sugar — some in alarmingly high amounts. You may assume that you can look at the ingredients list to see if there’s added sugar. Unfortunately, this isn’t always reliable because there are many different names for sugar — nearly 70, as you’ll see here. And to add to the challenge, food …

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It’s all in your genes: How your DNA affects your weight

In Weight Loss by Jennifer Berry March 18th, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, chances are, you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions: “Why can’t I lose this weight and keep it off?” “Why was that diet so successful for my friend but not for me?” “Why doesn’t cutting calories work for me?” For decades, we’ve all been told that simply eating less and being more active is the key to lasting weight loss. And in some respects, this is …