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5 Outdoor Fitness Tips for Fall

In 2018 Testionials, Fitness by Karen Eisenbraun, CHNC March 18th, 2019

Whether you are hoping to maintain your summer physique or just getting started on the road to weight loss success, the fall can present unique challenges when it comes to healthy, outdoor exercise. From shorter days to upcoming holiday parties to savory cold-weather food, fitting in fitness is often a challenge during these busy months.

Fill your fall with fun outdoor activities by following our seasonal suggestions:

  1. Get the family involved! Schedule a camping and hiking weekend; Head to a corn maze; Enjoy after-dinner walks in your neighborhood; Get involved in outdoor community activities, or plan your own! Be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately for your fall walks or activities.
  2. Join an intramural team, club, or field sport league. Variety can be key when it comes to weight loss. Get fit outdoors without sticking to the same tired routine. Signing up for a team could be the motivation you need to get outdoors and get moving!
  3. Kick up your cardio. Do you work out with fitness DVDs at home? Swap the living room for the patio to give these fast-paced, calorie-blasting outdoor exercise moves a try. A change of scene can be invigorating!
  4. Start cycling. Getting fit on your bike can be an enjoyable and effective way to spend time outdoors this fall. Studies showthat “wind drag can result in much greater energy demands during 25 miles of outdoor cycling than the same distance on a stationary bike.”
  5. Buddy up, runners! Running can be a great way to enjoy crisp fall air while burning calories. Stay motivated – and safe – if you exercise on dark winter evenings by joining a neighbor, family member, or friend on your route.

Making the most of the outdoors for fall fitness can help you stay in shape this season – and so can Dr. Garcia! To learn more about what to expect from your first visit with our weight loss and wellness team, visit Dr. Garcia’s website or schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation today!

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on October 7, 2013

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